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4 Roofing Considerations Before Moving into a New Home

It’s the middle of summer in Washington DC, and it is also one of the busiest times in the real estate market. So many families are purchasing new homes and moving before the kids are set to return to school. Our team, for one has been pretty busy keeping up with advising clients on roofing considerations.

And before you move in to your new residential lot, there are a couple of factors to think of. There are roofing considerations before moving into a new home.

It’s tempting to presume that the whole house is in perfect condition — the roof included. But for the sake of your safety and your family’s comfort, never assume and take the time to contract roofing professionals to come and do some professional inspection.

Roofing Considerations to Look For When House Shopping


Don’t take anyone’s word for it. There are situations where you need to consider your options carefully, and even do your own research. It’s wise to have a roofing professional look at your roof and point out anomalies that could lead to future problems.

When our team conducts a roofing inspection, here’s what we typically look for:

#1 The Age of the Roof

One way of knowing that the roof is in good condition is to ask the previous homeowner or the realtor about how long the roof has been installed. Check if it’s in the seller’s disclosure form too. In addition, get a roofing professional to conduct structural inspection too.

The roof can look new, but it’s perfectly possible that a roofing company also shingled over old damaged roofing materials instead of replacing the roof entirely.

#2 Roof Leaks


Image credit: Roofing Kansas City

Water can leak into a house due to previous roof problems. It’s one of the biggest home-owning concerns by homeowners. Water damages are highly likely too considering the previous season’s onslaught of rain.

Don’t underestimate the amount of damage leaky roofs can cause. They can damage interior walls and ceilings, which lead to other hazardous conditions to houses.

Remember to ask the professional inspectors to search for signs of water damage. Notable places you should keep an eye on are plumbing vents, gutters, and valley.s

#3 Any Roofing Damages

Additional roofing factors that you should keep an eye on include attic ventilation, downspouts, molds, gutter damage, siding, window leaks, etc.

It’s important to address these roofing problems from the source. Review proper attic ventilation, window and siding installations, cracks and damages in the gutters, etc.

Water for the coming wet seasons should drain away from the home instead of seeping into ground, around it, or in the house.

#4 Roofing Material


Image Credit: Premo Roofing Company

Ask for advice from roofing professionals to find the right type of roofing material to replace the current roof. And if there is no need for replacement, ask for advice on the roofing materials that are most suitable for the house’s build. And while you’re at it, find out how much roofing maintenance will cost you with the type of roofing material that was chosen.

Consider Quality Roofing

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to hire roofing professionals to advise and do your inspection for you. The cost of inspection and consultation is well-worth the money you spend in the long-run. Always choose quality over quantity and ensure the safety of your family.

You deserve to live in a home that’s safe. So take advantage of the hot season in Washington DC while it lasts. Because when the rain and the snow starts coming, it’s going to take a lot of off-season maintenance to keep the house safe.

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