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summer roof inspection

How to Inspect Your Roof Before and After Summer

Summer is supposed to be fun and a stress-free season, especially for you and your family. However, roofing problems may ruin your mood if you neglect them. For some, summer is the best season of the year but your roof can suffer many potential problems from it.

Inspect your roof to avoid these problems and enjoy the exciting heat.

Before Summer:

Below are tips for inspecting your roof before the heat. Take note that the following tips apply for all roof types. To execute the work properly, you must do it early in the morning.

  • Trim tree(s) within the proximity of your roof. Remove overhanging branches and the ones that rest on your roof.
  • If you shingle roof 10 years old or if you think it has any damage or problem, inspect it from the ground. Specifically look for shingle lift as this is an indication that the shingle adhesive strip no longer works. As a result, your roof is exposed to potential leaks and shingle blow off.
  • Check all gutters and drains. Make sure they are clean. If there are any debris or blockages, use a small brush to clean it. Summer storms can also cause serious damages to your roof so cleaning the gutters and drains will prevent overflow and damage.
  • Your roof will be constantly exposed to UV rays and extreme heat. Inspect if there is improperly installed ventilation in the attic. Proper ventilation doesn’t only reduce moisture but also reduce heat buildup in the attic. Your electric bills will skyrocket if you let this problem slide! You should also check if the exhaust fans are working well and are well-ventilated. Take note of these problems. If you can’t troubleshoot the problems, consult a professional roofer.
  • From inside the house, make sure you check the attic and the roof for signs of damage. If possible, repair them or call a professional roofer. These small spots can turn into large damages if not attended to immediately.
  • Find any missing or broken tiles that need to be fixed.
  • If you are totally clueless about roofing or simply busy, look for someone who provides a free roof inspection. This is the wisest step to prepare your roof before summer.

After Summer:

While you say goodbye to the heat and fun of summer, make sure you also take care of your roof and the potential problems it faces because of the change in season.

  • Sprinkling water on the roof during and after summer will keep your house cool. The sprinkled water takes away the latent heat of vaporization from the roof and evaporates. The evaporation will leave a cooling effect on the roof.
  • Roof maintenance is actually a process that should be done regularly. Yes, you have checked your gutters and drains before but you should do it during the end of the summer. Inspect if the gutters have loose bolts, split seams, or damaged support brackets.
  • Look for a loose, curled, worn out, or missing shingles.
  • Check for cracked or corroded flashing, which is the waterproof strip (usus\ally metal) around your roof.
  • Look inside your home for signs of leaks like a stained attic ceiling, bubbling paint, or drips, especially if there were any summer storms.
  • You may also need to trim trees and branches again. Mainly because summer provides abundant growth for plants.
  • Summer rains also stimulate moss growth in the spaces between your roof shingles. This moss will soak up as much water as possible. The moisture will penetrate the shingles and roof underlayment. Leading to a damaged roof sheathing. When you find any moss growth, have your roof brushed immediately. Avoid using chemicals that may harm the environment.
  • Mold and algae love summers, too. Have your roof cleaned when your find these unwelcome guests. Avoid using a pressure washer because you may also clean off the granules that protect your shingles from the sun.
  • Check your attic and its ventilation. If it’s not properly ventilated, moisture and humidity will get trapped inside and the roof may weaken.

Your roof is your first line of defense against harmful elements. And it is essential to keeping them maintained as often as possible.

Contact a roofing company and enjoy a professional inspection for any problems or weak spots. Improvements and repairs will give you a peaceful and exciting summer.



This useful guide is from Masterpiece Roofing & Painting. They are your Denver roofer who specializes in residential and commercial roof replacements, residential and commercial painting, siding, windows and gutter work.

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