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Maintain and Clean Your Epoxy Flooring

How to Properly Maintain and Clean Your Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a good choice for your flooring. It is known for its durability, strength, aesthetics, and resistance to chemicals. It is, in fact, not hard to maintain. That is why many people choose this for their flooring system. Epoxy floor usually is the best choice for businesses that need flooring that can withstand machinery and other vehicles.

A clean and well-maintained epoxy flooring will give you a vibrant atmosphere. This will make your flooring in good condition and is also safe for your people. This will also keep the appearance of your floor desirable through the years. Maintaining epoxy flooring is actually easy as long as you follow the proper guidelines. And here are the basic way to clean your epoxy floor.

Keep the Surfaces Clean from Dirt and Grit

Keep the surfaces clean from dirt and grit.

You can actually do this by sweeping your floors daily. With the use of soft-bristled broom, you can keep your epoxy floor dirt free. Making this a daily routine will remove any foreign objects from your floor. It will also prevent hazards that may harm you and your people. Sweeping the floor is very important especially if vehicles continuously move on and off the floor.

If you don’t sweep your floor, the dirt and grit may scratch the epoxy flooring. And even though epoxy is tough and durable, scratches that were acquired over time can damage your floor. You can actually plan on how many times per month you’re going to clean your floor. Performing general cleaning will make your floor last longer.

Mop the floor

Mop the floor

After successfully sweeping the floor clean from dirt and grit, use a foam mop and warm water. This will rid off all the dirt that has been building up on the epoxy floor. After mopping, you can use a clear ammonia that was mixed with water for your next mopping. You can make a 2-3 ounces ammonia per gallon of hot water on that. And after mopping, you can easily let the floor dry. You can actually speed up the process of drying using a clean towel.

If ammonia is not available, you can choose a non-toxic, biodegradable cleanser like simple green. You must also avoid using soap and soapy cleansers. These will make your epoxy floor slippery.

Removing stains

Removing stains

Stains must be cleaned using a kitchen scrubbing sponge or a nylon brush. Stains such as rust need to be scrubbed lightly. Never use steel wool for it may damage your floor. Same with the citrus cleaner and vinegar for it may break down the catalyst that makes epoxy. You can still use ammonia or the simple green in cleaning stains.

Clean oils and other chemicals

Do not allow chemicals to stay on the epoxy floor for too long. You can immediately wipe chemicals with shop towels or paper towels and dispose of properly. Not only these spills present a potential safety hazard. But they can be damaging to your floor as well. This is why when you see chemical spills on your epoxy floor, clean them immediately. 

Giving a stain time to set can cause long term damage to your floor. Aside from stains, you must also keep sharp objects away from your floor. This is to avoid potential damage that a scratch can cause. Although epoxy floors are durable and tough, taking care of them will make their lifespan longer than expected.

Maintenance to Prevent Potential Damage

It is better to be preventive than to be sorry later on. All things must be taken care of even how durable a material is. This is to ensure that it can last long enough and serve its purpose. Maintenance will also help you save money than spending again and again in your flooring. Yes, they may be extremely durable. But like most materials, they are also vulnerable to destruction. Damage can occur so if you maintain your flooring well, it will be prevented. 

These simple guide in maintaining your epoxy floor is very easy to do. So if you want your flooring to last long, then make sure to clean your floors well. 


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