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Should You DIY Residential Roofing Projects?

We understand how sorely tempting it is to grab your toolbox, climb up that ladder, and do little DIY residential roofing projects all by yourself. After all, with Google and the rest of the internet just a pocket away,  it’s easy to look up DIY residential roofing projects and repairs posted by professionals on YouTube.

You just need to repair roofs, right? How hard can patching up a hole be, or replacing a gutter, or attaching a new shingle? Plus, you get to save money, right?

Well, no not really…

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY Residential Roofing Projects

DIY residential roofing projects are good for others, but for some homeowners, it’s just a recipe for disaster. For this reason, we’re going to talk about a few unwanted repercussions you’d rather not face while you’re considering DIY residential roofing projects.

#1 You actually have no idea what to look for


Unless you’ve done your fair share of thorough research, we doubt reading about it from a manual or a detailed Google article would guarantee safe and efficient practice. Remember that not every roof problem is blatantly obvious.

There are some minimal damages that lead to bigger problems for your home if you don’t catch them on time. Not only do they endanger safety, but they also decrease the home value in the long run.

If you’re going to climb up your roof right at this instant, would you know how to spot a leak or a potentially weak spot? Will you be able to determine if your roof is finally in need of some replacing? And when you’ve successfully located a problem, how do you know that you’ve fixed it for real and not just made it worse?

So, if you’re not 110% sure about your answers to questions like these, maybe the DIY residential roofing projects should warrant a second thought.

#2 You’re going to be up there for a long time

You’re probably considering DIY residential roofing projects because you’ve done them before. And if you have, how long did that take?

For the most part, it probably took the better part of a week — probably several days. But on the other hand, professional roofers could probably do it for the better part of the morning, afternoon, or a single day — depending on the damages or maintenance requirements.

Plus, professional roofers have the knowledge, the tools, and the experience, and they’re actually doing it because it’s their job. They won’t have household concerns impeding their progress throughout.

#3 You probably don’t have access to the premium roofing materials or tools


Not every roofing material is created equal. And how sure would you be that your tools are the right ones? For the most part, you can find roofing materials at the nearest hardware store, but there’s the risk of not knowing whether the material you picked out is actually right for the job.

On the other hand, most roofing contractors make use of suited and premium roofing materials to get the job done. And since it’s what they do, you can rest assured that they have the right materials for your roofing concerns.

#4 The results you get aren’t always ideal

Choosing the right roofing materials, and doing a splendid job of installation and maintenance for the home give it its functionality and its aesthetic quality. Properly aligning shingles and making sure that everything is set properly isn’t an easy task.

It’s safe to say that even when you’ve succeeded at completing your DIY residential roofing projects, you might not actually like the results.

While looks aren’t everything for some people, there are others who prefer to ensure the pretty quality of their roofs and say that they’re proud of it. And if you’re one of these people, then perhaps you should consider hiring professional roofers to do the work for you.

#5 DIY residential roofing projects are admittedly dangerous


It’s easy to watch a how-to video and tell yourself that it’s easy. But that’s not always the case. Roofing projects are dangerous to work. In fact, over 2,000 people are known to die each year from falling off of roofs. That includes professionals and DIY roofers as well.

Because even with the best quality of safety equipment available, there’s no guarantee that you can come out of a roofing project unscathed.

The hazard of heights, sloping surfaces, the current weather, and the tools are just a few of the many dangerous things to keep an eye on. Maneuvering sloping surfaces aren’t simple.

The good news though? Constant practice makes perfect (and if not perfect, then safer). Roofing contractors have ample experience of having done the job over and over again.

So, don’t take your safety for granted. If you’re not so keen on doing DIY residential roofing projects in the first place and are doing it for cost-effective reasons, then best hire someone. Your safety isn’t worth the price you’ll pay if you’re not sufficiently careful.

The Takeaway

Most homeowners opt for DIY residential roofing projects because they assume it’s more cost-effective. That can’t be more false. In doing it yourself, factor the value of the time that you spend, plus the costs of the materials that you’re not sure would or wouldn’t work, plus the margin of error that all people make.

On the other hand, roofers usually buy materials in bulk to keep their costs low. And because they’re trained, they work quickly and efficiently.

You need to understand that though there are tutorials for doing DIY residential roofing projects on the net, it’s important to consider your options and choices very carefully. What might be easy for them might not be so safe for you.

There are roofing issues that a brave homeowner can take on, but some are better left to the roofing professionals.

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