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Bathroom Remodeling 101: 7 Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Source: Pinterest

Bathroom remodeling needs a detailed plan to ensure that every little change must be made. The attention we have for the bathroom is important as this is used in our daily lives. Without our bathroom, our personal needs cannot be catered to. 

That is why remodeling the bathroom is vital. Whether you only need to replace the vanity, bathtub, toilet, or renovate the whole place, it must be given importance. 

However, doing this can be expensive. We need to spend a large amount to invest in quality materials, and if you want your money to be worth it, read to find out the common mistakes made during a bathroom renovation and how you can avoid this in your own place.

#1 No Detailed And Clear Plan

Remember that when renovating, planning is vital! Make a plan where you see everything your bathroom needs, from the budget, materials, furniture to personal taste. 

List all your needs, and write down your priorities. Before starting the renovation, ask for the opinion of your family, friends, and contractors. Listen to their opinions as there might be new ideas they can come up with.

After knowing what you need to, that is when you will start finalizing your materials, furniture, and designs. Let your plans be clear to your skilled contractors and designers to reach your ultimate goal. 

#2 Know Your Budget

Your budget will determine how much you can cover on remodeling your bathroom. When you have a budget plan, you will know how much you will spend on every material and furniture you will need to buy. 

Stick to your budget and prepare a contingency for unforeseen circumstances. If you get swayed from your budget, you will be surprised that you spent more than what you think about renovating your bathroom. 

Moreover, letting your contractors and designers know about your budget plan will help them evaluate their work for you. By this, they can adjust to their own plan to fit your budget. 

#3 Choosing the Wrong Materials

The bathroom always experiences changes in its environment due to temperature and wetness. Before buying for the materials, check and evaluate your bathroom. 

What materials do you need that best fit in this kind of environment? Choose a material that is specifically designed for it.

Get some advice from your contractors; they have indispensable knowledge in this area as this is their work. Consult this subject on them so you will not be confused about what materials you need to choose.

#4 Improper Spacing

The function of every part in your bathroom must come first before thinking of making it beautiful. Before designing, check the layout and spacing first. 

You must know the correct placing of the important parts in your bathroom. Know if some fixtures are in line with the spacing guidelines and, most importantly, if the furniture and fixtures’ placement is comfortable for daily use.

When proper spacing is correctly done, then that is the time to start making your bathroom aesthetically pleasing.

#5 Overlooking Small Mistakes

Small uncovered tiles, a gap in the vanity, or cracks might be a minor problem but can be the start of damaged furniture or tile. As the remodeling progresses, always check every part of your bathroom. 

Do not let your contractors do it on their own. It is important that you see small glitches in your bathroom before they can finish their work in order to change it. 

#6 Ignoring the Bathroom Fan

The bathroom fan keeps the proper ventilation in your bathroom. Sometimes, this feature is overlooked because some homeowners think that they do not need one when they have a window in your bathroom. 

Without it, humidity gets trapped in the enclosed place resulting in mold and mildew to build up in your walls and other parts of the bathroom. Also, it deteriorates the metal, grout, and paint. 

When remodeling, remember to install bathroom exhaust fan as they keep your surrounding well ventilated. 

#7 Losing Focus Toward the End

Any renovation takes time as it is part of the process. If you are someone who is not patient, then you will lose your focus towards the end. Yes, you are excited to get everything done, but remodeling is not that easy.

Practice to be patient and take everything slowly. When you are rushing your bathroom, you might not get the quality you are looking for. You are just wasting the money you spent. 

In conclusion, mistakes can be avoided when proper planning is done. Without a clear goal, you will miss reaching what you want for your bathroom or even for your kitchen remodeling. As early as now, you have listed your initial needs and priorities. 

It will take a long time to see those problems, but your records might come in handy once you decided to go for a bathroom remodeling

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