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How to Avoid Fraudulent Roofing Contractors

The roof of your home is one of the most important features of the house. It protects you and your family from strong winds and other weather disturbances. And if you want your roof to accomplish its purpose, you’re going to need to know things to avoid fraudulent roofing contractors.

When the time comes that your roof needs maintenance or a couple of repairs, trusting just anybody to do the job (or doing DIYs) is detrimental to the survival of your roof.

It’s understandable that you can’t waste time, but understand that being too hasty to get things done can sometimes lead to the wrong people. As a homeowner who’s quickly on the lookout for proper services, you’re vulnerable targets for scam roofing contractors.

Let us inform you of these common scams so you can avoid fraudulent roofing contractors and even more damaged roofs.

Beware of These Common Roofing Scams


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Common roofing contractor scams range from overpriced materials to skipping various towns after securing big cash deposits. And over time, scammers’ boldness in their devious tactics have grown. They prey on unsuspecting homeowners in various ways.

To protect yourself and avoid fraudulent roofing contractors, keep a close eye on some of these schemes.

High-pressure Sales

One very common scam that fake roofing companies do is give dishonest and high-pressure sales tactics. This is designed to pressure homeowners to enter into legally binding contracts at absurdly high rates.

On the other hand, what professional roofing contractors do is educate their clients on the condition of the roof and the various solutions available that would remedy those conditions. Roofing maintenance and repair is a costly venture and professional roofing contractors know that every homeowner should think carefully before making a final decision.

Door-to-door Salesmen

Door-to-door individuals who appear at your front door and promise free repairs or inspections are bad news. It’s a large scam that sadly plagues the roofing industry. Because after receiving permission to go up on the roof, scammers will fake damage. From tearing shingles to hitting roof with hammer and then following-up with a newly made up damage on your roof that wasn’t there in the first place.

Some professional roofing companies do have door-to-door salesman and they go about it honestly. But for this, one must exercise proper vigilance and avoid signing paperwork until the contractors’ legitimacy is properly verified.

Vanishing Deposits


Another roofing company scam happens when a damage occurs and a company agrees to repair or replace a roof. But it requires customers to pay for labor and materials upfront. And then they disappear after the money has been properly secured.

What you should know is that reasonable roofing deposits are at 30% range.

Storm Chasers

Storm chasers are also referred to as “roof gypsies” and they visit areas that were recently hit by storms. They do this in an attempt to exploit homeowners’ roofing needs. They will evaluate how much your roofing repair or maintenance will cost, and then they work on getting a cheap roof and compare it to the price that a homeowner’s insurance policy would be willing to pay.

When the bare minimum has been paid, they disappear and move on to other areas. They leave you with a poorly constructed roof.

If you’re looking for a professional roofing contractor, the most trustworthy ones are the ones who have served in the same area for a good couple of years and have notably positive and established reputations.

Fluctuating Bids

Fluctuating bid schemes are also known as “elevator rides scam.” Fraudulent roofing contractors secure jobs by offering bids that are far lower than other roofers in the area. But then unexpected costs and problems arise later on and make prices skyrocket.

Review proposals that are being offered and compare the scope of work that is provided and not just the price.

Reputable roofers provide bids for every roofing issue upfront. The only exception are structural issues or wood replacement that aren’t visible during inspection.

5 Tips to Avoid Fraudulent Roofing Contractors


Knowing how to avoid fraudulent roofing contractors are important if you’re going to be dealing with roofing repairs and maintenance this summer and in the future.

Consider these 5 tips carefully:

  • Don’t pay in full or sign certificates of completion until the work is fully finished and you have a good outcome.
  • Be suspicious of contractors who tell you that replacing roofs won’t cost a thing or who say they’ll pay deductibles for you.
  • Avoid signing contracts that have blanks. Make sure everything’s written (cost, scope of work, guarantees, time frames, payment schedules, other expectations, etc).
  • Read the contract carefully.
  • Supervise roofing contractors. Trusted or otherwise.
  • Ask for the contractors’ license number and insurance number.

The Takeaway

It’s daunting. Choosing a professional roofing company to manage your roof and make the proper adjustments and repairs is daunting. It’s true that there are plenty of honest roofing companies out there, but there will always be some who want to earn money through disgraceful means.

Be aware of scenarios like the ones we mentioned above so you can avoid fraudulent roofing contractors.

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