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5 Common Designs for Window

A window is one of the vital parts of the house. Like the roof and door, you need to make sure that the window you have chosen fits the criteria that are necessary for a window. Before you consider the replacement of your window, you just need to know if it is already time to change it. Ask some help from the professional to determine if you need to replace or repair it.

After you have discussed the situation about your roof, it is now time for you to be familiar with the windows that you want for your house. The following are the typical window designs you can choose.

Stationary window

This type of window has a thick frame but does not open. If your house is similar to the designs such as modern, this can be a good option for you. Since the design of stationary window is simple, it is easier for the sunlight to enter the house. Also, during rainy days, you will not take the effort to close the window sills which can lead to rainwater to get inside your room.

Aluminum windows

Among other windows available in the market, the aluminum is considered as the lightest but also one of the sturdy windows. It also requires low-maintenance. If your former window has an unusual shape, it can easily be covered by the aluminum. However, the problem that you can get from this product is it is not heat resistant. Your house must have proper ventilation and insulation to be able to beat the hotness caused by the sun.

UPVC windows

The Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) is considered as eco-friendly since it is recyclable. This type of window is also weather resistant for example, during heavy rain, it will just bounce and drip off the material. One of the problems that you might encounter is it can lead to discoloration over time despite its lifespan that can stay for 35 years.

Casement windows

If you are from or you are aware of the structures of the houses in the United Kingdom (UK), you will notice that this is the most used type of windows used in that country. The good thing about this product is it can provide you a window that can be open entirely that’s why it can offer better views. The bad thing with casement windows is its breakability. The casement easily breaks once it is open. You need to pay attention to your window during heavy storms.  

Slider windows

The single slider and the double slide are two of the different variations of this window. If you are looking for a window that can be cleaned easily. When you are still in search of the material that you need for the kitchen and bedroom, this is one of the choices that you can consider. This type of window is also easier to open and close among other variants.

The homeowners that are well-informed can be able to choose the right type of window for their house. Sometimes, the examples that the experts are not enough, you have to research it. This is because you will get to ask relevant questions to your contractor and to be able to receive sensible answers.  

This piece came from Done Right Roofing Ltd., a Calgary Roofing Contractor which was established since 2003. They specializes in serving homeowners needing residential asphalt, rubber reproofing, repairs and etc. They are obsessed with doing the highest quality roof installation possible.

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