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4 Types of Material Used for Siding

If you are thinking of adding some siding on your house, you must know the purpose of the siding. The sides of your house also need insulation to keep the walls safe from the damage. Natural calamities can be the reason why your house loses its initial structure, and the siding is capable of protecting it. 

Being a curious homeowner helps you in deciding on what materials can be used for your siding. It is essential that you are asking questions to have an idea of about the pros and cons of each product. Through this, you were able to distinguish the differences and what to expect from it. Here are some the types of materials that are used in the siding of your house.

Wood Siding

The wood siding is the most popular siding, most especially in the Western countries. There are a lot of materials that are available in the market, and this type is still considered as the top choices. The reasons why this is the usual option is it looks classic and timeless. The kind of wood that is most often used to make wood siding are redwood and cedar.

What is the difference between redwood and cedar?

Regarding colors, the redwood is reddish brown while the cedar has a shade of yellow. When it comes to the longevity, redwood is 23% much stronger than the cedar. It merely means that the redwood can able to last longer than the cedar. Instability, the cedar is stable that despite natural disasters, it could remain the same.

Metal Siding

If you are considering of having a versatile siding, you can opt for metal. It has four kinds which include copper, zinc, steel, and aluminum. Installing the metal siding on your own is difficult you need to hire an expert roofer to have it correctly installed. Aside from being not easy to put, it also can be dangerous because of its sharp edges.

Vinyl Siding

For people who choose to have a siding that is easy to maintain, they can choose vinyl siding. The vinyl siding has three common types: vertical siding, horizontal siding, and shakes or shingles siding. Under the horizontal siding, there are beaded, Dutch lap, and clapboard. The vinyl siding is a plastic version of the wood since it was made similar to the latter.

Fiber Cement Siding

If you are looking for a siding that is low-maintenance and easy to customize, you can choose this type of siding. It also offers resistance from insects, rodents, moisture, fire, and impact. Since it contains cement, it is easier for the installer to mold it to match the shape of the house. It can offer you different styles, and the best thing about it is it is eco-friendly.  

Siding serves as not only a decoration but also a material that saves your house from different issues. For example, if the aesthetics of your house matters to you, there are not just four but more types of siding materials you can choose. You need to think thoroughly about the materials that you will be selecting. Remember, it is not about the quantity; it is about the quality.

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